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We now offer Food Additives and Ingredients!

The Food Industry is constantly evolving to meet the ever-demanding needs of its consumers. As a result, we have a broad offering of products that are designed to help food formulators in meeting the demands of the "better for you" market.

Here is a sampling of some of the products that are uniquely designed to help solve your formulation problems.

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pdf Levona
A unique leavening agent from ICL Performance Products with the added health benefits of calcium and zero sodium.
pdf Calrise
The slow acting Calcium based leavening acid, with zero sodium from Innophos.
Gums & Thickeners
pdf Carrageenan Gels
Looking for a natural way to thicken your food products? Marcel Carrageenan's line of Carrageenan products (derived from Seaweed), is a natural choice.
pdf Metolose
When you need to have a Food Grade, thermal-reversible, food stabilizer, Shin-Etsu's Cellulose Derivatives (Metolose) is the answer.
pdf Galaxium Pearls
An innovative way to get your calcium! Galactic has come up with this new form of Calcium Lactate Pentahydrate that is low dusting and very high dissolution speed.
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