Midwest's Finest Chemical Distributor

PVS Nolwood offers products to the following industries:
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pdf Food Industry
We offer a variety of food ingredients and additives that are used in the Baking, Meat, Dairy, Beverage and Poultry industries.
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Brochure Electroplating Electroplating and Surface Finishing
We offer a full line of products that are used in the electroplating and surface finishing industry. From acids to bases; surfactants to solvents. We've got you covered.
Brochure Water Treatment Water Treatment
A complete line of bleach, pH modifiers, chelants, coagulants, polymers, odor control products and drinking water additives.
pdf Household, Industrial and Institutional Cleaning (HI&I)
Through our extensive library of surfactant offerings, we are able to provide a broad array of solutions to any cleaning problem. We offer products that are considered "Green" as well as the conventional products used in the industry today.
pdf Agricultural and Farming Chemistry
PVS Nolwood offers a variety of chemicals, both dry and liquid, serving the manufacturers of liquid and dry fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and more. From surfactants and chelating agents to key nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus Products) and minerals, PVS Nolwood is the source for of your chemical needs.
pdf Heat Transfer Chemicals
We offer a complete line of DOWFROST® and DOWTHERM® products which are used extensively in the HVAC industry. You can save time, which is money, on site when you use PVS small & large bulk delivery systems.
pdf Green Chemistry
Looking to replace Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates? Want an alternative to harsh petroleum solvents? How about an environmentally-friendly alternative to EDTA? This is just a sampling of what our Green Chemistry product line can do for you.
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pdf Biofuels and Ethanol Chemistry
In the growing bio-fuels and ethanol industries, PVS Nolwood Chemicals has become a key supplier of key process chemicals for production of Ethanol, Bio-Diesel and more. We can serve your chemical needs, whether it's a 15 gallon pail or multiple tank trucks.
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